Junctek KL-F Series on Raspberry PI4

This software for Junctek KL-F series devices enables users to monitor and analyze battery statuses in real-time. Developed under Debian Linux, it has been tested on Raspberry Pi4 OS and Debian systems.

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Introducing csvdb.exe: A File-Based, Time-Series Database Management System

In the realm of data management, the efficiency of capturing and storing large volumes of data is paramount. Enter csvdb.exe, a multi-threaded time-series database management system designed specifically for rapid data capture in a CSV-compatible format. Unlike traditional database systems that focus on a wide array of functionalities, csvdb.exe zeroes in on speed and parallel processing without incorporating analysis and visualization features directly. Instead, it interfaces seamlessly with ex...

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BMSData Viewer 1.2

The BMS Data Viewer is a free-to-use software designed for real-time monitoring and analysis of battery conditions. It connects to a computer via an USB2UTP cable linked to the battery's RS485 port. The program can display individual cell voltages, the State of Charge (SOC), total voltage, current amperage, as well as environmental and MOS temperatures, plus the minimum and maximum cell voltages. It also provides detailed information about the designed and full capacities, the remaining capacity...

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