Junctek KL-F Series on Raspberry PI4

This software for Junctek KL-F series devices enables users to monitor and analyze battery statuses in real-time. Developed under Debian Linux, it has been tested on Raspberry Pi4 OS and Debian systems.

Junctek KL-F Series on Raspberry PI4

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Key Features

  • Serial Port Settings: Automatically lists available serial ports, allowing users to select the appropriate connection.
  • Update Interval: Users can set how frequently the data refreshes from the Junctek RS485 port (5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes).
  • PO Settings: Choose between the default setting 1 or 2, which can be configured in the installed mobile application.
  • Battery Full Capacity: Manually input the connected battery's capacity in ampere-hours (Ah), which the software uses to calculate the estimated remaining running time.
  • JSON Output: Data is saved in JSON format at a user-specified path, which can be used to create remotely accessible graphs through a web server.

User Guide

  • Automatic Start: Data collection starts automatically upon launching the software if the option is checked on the startup screen.
  • Manual Start and Stop: Data collection can be initiated with the Start button and halted with the Stop button.
  • Save Settings: Settings can be saved to the /tmp/JUNSerial.ini file using the Save button, ensuring they are preserved for future sessions.
  • Exit: The program can be closed using the Quit button.


Users can support the developer's work through donations via the Donate button available within the application.